Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Papers are specially processed to offer excellent performance in
high-temperature applications and is an alternative to traditional solutions due to its unique
properties of high refractoriness and excellent non-wetting characteristics to applications
requiring direct contact with molten Aluminium and stability and resistance to chemical
The main features of the products are excellent tensile strengths and high insulating
values.They are immune to thermal shock and have outstanding handling characteristics.
They can be die-cut and will conform easily to complex shapes

>Insulating thermal break
>Insulating gaskets
>Expansion joints
>Parting media
>Die cut gaskets for domestic appliances
>Thermal barriers for vehicles (silencers, catalytic exhausts and heat shields)
>Fire protection

Good resistance to tearing
High flexibility
Low shot content
Precise thickness
Resistant to thermal shock
Very low thermal

Ceramic Fiber Papers are available in 1260°C and 1425°C grades and thickness ranging from 2 mm to 10 mm to meet customer requirements.