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Joint Filler & Sealant Application for

  • Concrete Construction & Control Joints in Industrial Floors
  • Crack Filler Repair for Old Floors
 ShaliEMS 700

Concrete Floor Panel Joint Filler

*Semi-flexible formula that allows movement of concrete
*Tough performance reduces floor joint repairs and maintenance
*Suitable for filling cracks in older floors to reduce the rate of deterioration

1.5 Kg Unit contains both Hardener & Resin packed in 12 Kgs Carton
Joint Sealing Application for

  • Expansion joint in building industry
  • Heavy frontage panels & curtain walls
  • Joints of panels, exterior woodworks
  • Joints in frames, pre-frames, wood & stone
 ShaliSeal PU

Single Compoent Polyurethane Joint Sealant

*Single component ready to use Material
*Good adhesion on many substrates
*Good weathering and aging properties
*Excellent work ability, easy to use

600 ml Sauces

Sealant Application for

  • Vertical & Overhead expansion joints in Buildings , Roads, Bridges & Airport Runway
  • Plastered masonry walls & aluminium door/window section sides
  • Concrete cracks repairs in slabs
  • Joints in water retaining structures like water tank, swimming pool, aqueducts, dams, canals & reservoirs
 ShaliSeal PS

Two Part Polysulphide Gun & Pouring Grade Sealant

*Excellent UV & Chemical Resistance
*Can withstand in fully submerged condition
*Adhesion compatible to most of substrate
*Suitable for portable water after full cure 
*Very high thermal flexibility
*Long life & Flame/ Fuel Resistance 
*Complies IS 12118 Part 1 - 1987, BS - 5212 :1990 Part I - Type F & Type FB 

4 Kgs x 4 nos.