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Waterproofing Membranes

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Waterproofing for
  • Roof Top & Terrace Garden
  • Reservoirs
  • Basements
  • Foundation Works
  • Sunken Slabs
  • Tunnels & Car Parking

SuperThermolay APP PL/MT

 APP Modified Membrane with Spun Bonded Polyester Reinforcement

*Total Impermeability
*Excellent resistance to ageing & weathering
*Outstanding bond ability & seam Integrity
* Resistance to impact & puncture
*Excellent cold flexibilty
*Easy Application & Economical
*Withstands thermal shock
*Resistant to chemical attack

1 x 10 Mtrs Rolls in 2,3 & 4 mm Thickness
 Waterproofing for
  • Roof-Tops
  • Basements & Reservoir
  • Corrugated Sheets & Sunken Slabs
 Superior ShaliPlus /ShaliPlus

Superior ShaliPlus /ShaliPlus
 APP Modified Membrane with 100/20 Micron HMHDPE Core

*Good elongation against all structural movements
*High Softening point & high penetration
*Dimensional stability with pliability to adapt all contours, Flexible at very low temperature 
*ShaliPus AL is UV Resistance

Superior ShaliPlus -1 x 10 Mtrs ,
ShaliPlus-1x20 Mtrs
  Waterproofing for
  • Vertical Foundation/ Walls
  • Structural Concrete & Insulated Roofs
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Areas
  • Balconies, Terraces & Garages
  • All such place where torching / fire is Prohibited


 High Performance SBS Modified Self - Adhesive Membrane

*Cold Applied , does not require torching
*Easy & quick installation
*High Flexibility
*Effective water & vapour barrier
*Strong resistance to chlorides , sulphate, alkalis, dilute acids, ozone & atmospheric pollutants

 Waterproofing for
    1 x 20 Mtrs Roll in 1.5, 2mm Thickness

      Waterproofing for
    • Concrete Roofs
    • Corrugated Asbestos or GI Sheet
    • Timber, Shell/ Folded Plates & Silos
    • Godowns, Wagons, Trams & Buses
    Tarfelt BH /DPC 

    Tarfelt BH /DPC
     Hessian Based Bitumous Waterproofing Membrane

    *Rot proof
    *Below ground waterproofing
    *Economical waterproofing system
    *Easy to apply, repair and maintain
    *Dimensional stability with adequate flexibility to adopt all types of contours

    1x 20 Mtrs Roll