EPE Foam

Expanded Polyethylene Foam is a molded non-cross linked, low density closed cell type foam used as a generic packing material providing high degree of flexibility. EPE foam can withstand repeated deformation and can still maintain its properties. 

Benefits of EPE Foam:
  • Non-abrasive
  • Exceptional Elasticity & impact strength
  • Light Weight
  • Good Thermal Insulation Properties
  • Good shock absorbent properties
  • Provides Dimensional stability
  • Weather resistant & water proof
  • High Cushioning
  • Clean to work with
  • Construction -structural expansion joint
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Electrical & Electronics Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Relocation Services Industry
  • E-Commerce Industry
  • Warehouse
  • Heavy Machinery Industry

Available in 
Form: Sheet/Roll
Size: 1mm - 12mm (in Roll Format),10mm-600mm (in Sheet Format)
Type: Plain/Color/Anti-static/VCI