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Anchor Grout Application for

  • Anchoring Bolts or Bars in to Concrete , Rock , Masonry or Brick Work
  • Reinforcement Starter Bars
  • Foundation Bolts & Safety Fences
  • Ground Achors for Towers & Cranes
 ShaliGrout Anchor

Two Component Polyester Resin Based Anchor Grout

*Rapid Strength gain & vibration resistant
*Fast setting / quick return to service
*Corrosion resistant
*Excellent load bearing capacity

1 Kg x 16 Nos. with Component A& B
Injection & Pressure Grout Application for

  • Pre- Sressed Cablle Duct Grouting
  • Non-Shrink infulling Grouting for RCC
  • Tunnel linings & Bed Grouting
  • Water Tank pressure Grouting
 ShaliGrout IP

Single Component Injection / pressure Grout for Cement / Mortar/ Concrete

*Gaseous expansion to compensate plastic shrinkage of cement
*Reduced water Cement ratio to ensure low permeability and increased cohesion
*Hydrophobic Additives gives better watertight Structure 
*Free of Chloride
*Does not attack reinforcement or pre-stress cables
*Complies with BS 8110 part 1, 1985, section 8, 9, 4, 6

1 Kg x 12 Nos. & 20 Kgs Bag