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Plasti Felt

    Plastifelt is Polymeric Bituminous Membrane of various thickness .The center core of material consists of 90 Micron thick high molecular high density polythene film. The center core of the material is protected on both sides with polymeric bitumen having high softening point and high penetration. The modified bitumen is protected on both sides by 25 Micron thick high molecular high density polythene film. This reinforces the non-permeable quality of the entire membrane.

It has high elongation and high tensile strength and also flexible and pliable at low temperature. The product consists of five layers and hence it has the advantages of multi layer system. Its flexibility responds to the structural movements due to temperature changes or for other reasons. The elongation which is at least 300%. The material is totally functional between temperatures of +115ºC and -15ºC. 

  • Easy application
  • Absorption of Vibration
  • Flexibility at low Temperatures
  • Resistant at high Temperatures
  • Absorption of vibration
  • Resistance to dilute acid and alakali
  • Elongation capacity 


Super Uniplastifelt-U-303Kgs.

Super Uniplastifelt-U-404Kgs
Super Uniplastifelt-U-505Kgs10Mt.1Mt.4mm


1)The surface has to be throughly cleaned to obtain a smooth uniform surface.
2)A Coat of bitumen primer IS:3384 is to be applied.
3)Blown Bitumen Grade 85/25 is to be used at 1.2 Kgs. Per sq. mtr. The membrane can also be applied by torching with a blow lamp or a torch seal.
4)Overlaps are to be torched properly to ensure correct adherence with overlap of 50mm to 75mm.


1.Roofs5.Water Tanks9.Underground Metro13.Bridges and Flyovers
2.Bathrooms6.Swimming pools10.Pipe Coating14.Geo Membranes
3.Basements7.Car Park Decks11.Canal Lining  
4.Roof Gardens8.Subways12.Reservoir  


1.Polymeric Bitumen:a)Softening point - above 125°C
b )Penetration at 25ºC 25± 5 100Gms. , 5sec.,1/10mm
2.Core:High density polyethyene film of 90 Micron
3.Covering Plastic:2 Layers of polyethyene film of 25 Micron
4.Mechanical Strength of the Membrane(Tensile Test):Length Wise - 140 N/5 Cm.
Cross Wise - 120 N/5 Cm.
5.Break Load:Elongation at Break - Above 300% on each direction
6.Heat Resistance 10Cm x 10 Cm. Sample (Hang Vertically
at 100C for 3 Hrs.)
:No sign of melting of bitumen
7.Cold resistance/Pliabilty : 
Conditioning at 0°C for 24 Hrs
:Does not Crack