Ferrous & Non Ferrous Castings

Parts supplied includes, Automotive Differential Gear and Pinion, Primary Driven Gear, Hydraulic Motor Parts - Range of Shafts like Splines, Sprockets & Brakes Shafts, Industrial Refrigeration Bonnets and Valves, Regulator Bodies for Oil and Gas Industry Starter Motor & Alternator Parts, Railway Braking Systems & Actuator Parts. These parts are supplied to Tier One Indian & International OE Customers.

Casting Supply Capabilities:-
  • Ferrous & Non Ferrous
  • 0.10kgs to 60 kgs Casting Weight
  • 5mm to 400mm Casting Size
  • Stringent Casting tolerances
  • Core Making Technology to cast intricate shapes - Soluble/Ceramic
  • Documented Process and System Capabilties.
  • Structured System driven with QMS/OHSAS/EMS/PED tools.
Special Features:
Configurations like small hole, Blind hole, under cuts, Serration, Groove, Slot, Gear Profile, Thread, Knurling can be achieved as cast, depending upon overall geometry, complexity and size of the components.