Ceramic Fiber Board

Dimensions : 1m x 0.5m


Thermal Conductivity (w/mK) at mean temp of 550 deg C = 0.12

Density: 320kg/m3

Thickness: 25MM/ 50 MM


- GRADE 1260 C Regular Temp.

- GRADE 1300 C Regular Temp.

- GRADE 1425 C High Temp.


    • Combustion chambers of Boilers & Heaters
    • Hot face lining for furnaces & kilns
    • Backup insulation to castable & bricks
    • Ladle covers, Aluminium through lines, Trough covers, Expansion joints, Hot gas duct lining, Riser sleeves, Crucibles, Launders, Tap out cones, Sight holes.