Cotton Gloves - Double Layer

Cotton gloves – double layer is a thick gloves stitched with 2 layers of cotton cloth. Very soft gloves which is skin friendly and also gives a good grip on all surfaces. Helps to eliminate fingerprints and marks on working surface.


    • Material – 100% cotton
    • Type – knitted
    • Absorption – more than 200% liquid of its own weight.
    • Rate Of Absorbency – less than 1 second.
    • Color – White.
    • Cutting, Stitching – Cloth is cut with scissor and stitched in machine.
    • Packing - PE covers in milky white colour.


    • Good Grip – gives a good holding grip.
    • Stretchable – Fits into every hand.
    • Traceability – Every pack is coded for easy traceability.
    • Packing – Wipes are packed in High Quality clean room standard covers.
    • Smooth and lint free surface – Ensures zero wiping marks.
    • These gloves does not contain binders and additives.
    • Chemical Resistant – Suitable for use with most of the industrial chemicals and solvents.
    • The gloves are wash and reusable.