Printer Wipes

Printing Industry is one industry where cleaning cannot be escaped. The stencils, print heads, screens, printing surface etc., everything has to be cleaned before printing, and for every new print. The work load of printing industry is greatly reduced with the wipes. Our Wipes save a lot of space (replacing cotton rags), Improves productivity, Increases profit, Improves quality of end product, Reduces cleaning time and gives a clean workspace. Hence it definitely does justice to the value for your money.

Printer Wipes, are made from super fine fibres a patented technology. It can pick up water, inks, chemicals and solvents in a fraction of a second. These printer cleaning wipes have excellent absorbency; they can absorb liquid around 300 - 400% of their own weight. They have a very good wet strength; these wipes are strong even after soaking in liquid. Our printer cleaning wipes are soft and light for intricate tasks. They are binder and solvent free. These wipes are lint free as well.


• Size – 8x8 inches

• Pack size - 100 pieces

• Color – White

• Absorbency – 300-400% of liquid of its own weight.

• Super fast absorption rate.

• Excellent wet strength.