Anti-Corrosives & Other Products


A Protective Coating for


Super Silver Shield®

Features & Benefits

Anti-Corrosive & Multi-Purpose Bituminous Aluminum Coating

*Deflects UV rays & prevents degradation of membrane arising out of exposure to sunlight

*Brushable Consistency

*Reduces Heat radiation inside the buildings by reflection

20 Ltrs Drums

Chloride / Sulphate Free Liquid Rust Remover

*Economical & easy to apply

*Contains corrosive, being free from any chloride

*Effective rust remover for all difficult to reach areas

*Excellent for equipment & structures

1 Kg Pack

Two Component Anti - Corrosive Zinc Rich Primer

*Excellent long life protection of Steel / Iron

*Easy to use & apply

*Paint/ epoxy / urethane may be used as topcoat

20 Kgs Pack

Two Component Aliphatic Polyurethane UV Resistant Top Coat

*UV & weather resistance

*Better adhesion and felxibilty

*Mild chemical resistance

5 Kgs Unit consist of Component

A & B

Shuttering Oil/ Concrete Form Release Agent

*Acts as bond breaker & form cleaner

*Non Staining

*Protects steel forms from rusting

*Cuts clean-up time

*Economical & easy to use

20 Ltrs & 200 Ltrs Drums

Instant, Convenient & Durable System to Repair Pot -Holes

*Ready to use material for Instant Pot Holes Patching

*Cold Applied, No Heating required

*Eco-friendly & Durable

*Can even be applied on Wet Surfaces

25 Kgs Poly Bags

Oxidized Bitumen for Waterproofing & Other Application

*Easy to apply

*Excellent durability

*Comparatively cheaper and widely available

*Available in different Grades: 85/25, 115/15, 90/15 etc.

25 kgs Cakes & 140 Kgs Drums

    • Bituminous Waterproofing Felts & Fabrics
    • Iron, Steel, Masonry & other Surfaces

Rust Remover for


    • Iron/ Steel Structures
    • Tanks & Water Pipelines
    • Shuttering Plates
    • Other Iron/ Steel Surfaces

Anti-Corrosive Primer for

ShaliPrime Zn R P/R

    • Iron/ & Steel Surfaces
    • Reinforcement Bars

Anticorrosive Coating for

ShaliUrethane TC

    • On Shore & Off Shore Industries
    • Power Plant & Chemical Plants
    • Petrochemical & Pharmaceuticals complexes
    • Cement, Steel & Transportation Industries
    • Infrastructure Projects

Application for


  • Metal , Wood, Platic & Fiberglass Forms
  • Precast moulds & plywood
  • Equipment maintenance - scoots, buckets hoist and paving machines

Pot - Holes Patching Application for


    • Filling & Leveling Pot- Holes in Bituminous / Concrete Roads
    • Other Openings in Bituminous/ Concrete Surfaces

Waterproofing Application for

Industrial Bitumen

    • Damp-proofing & waterproofing of Building floors & Roofs
    • Hydro Projects : Canal &
    • Dam lining, Sand stabilization
    • Roads contructionn & maintenance
    • Lamination , Manufacture of Caulking Compounds , Joint Fillers & Battery Sealing Compounds etc