Non Woven 300

Non Woven 300 series, are made from super fine fibres a patented technology. It can pick up water, inks, chemicals and solvents in a fraction of a second. These non woven wipes have excellent absorbency; they can absorb liquid around 300 - 400% of their own weight. They have a very good wet strength; these wipes are strong even after soaking in liquid. Our Non Woven Wipes are soft and light for intricate tasks. They are binder and solvent free. These wipes are lint free as well.

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25Kgy Gamma irradiated sterility

with Water or IPA


    • Material - Super fine fibres a patented technology.
    • Type – Non Woven
    • Absorption – more than 300% liquid of its own weight.
    • Rate Of Absorbency – less than 1 second.
    • Weight – Available in 2 GSMs (Grams per square meter) 60GSM and 100GSM
    • Color – White.
    • Lint free – less than 40 counts of 25 micron above particles (Gelbo test method).
    • Cutting – Machine Cut.
    • Packing - PE covers in milky white colour.


    • Excellent Absorbency – The super fine fibres helps to ensure easy pick up of solvents. Which helps to reduce wiping time.
    • Good liquid holding – Ensures a clean water free surface. It takes solvent once and uses it for multiple wipes, in turn reducing the volume of solvent usage.
    • Lint free edges – The wipes are machine cut. Hence, the edges are free from loose threads and lint.
    • Traceability – Every pack is coded for easy traceability.
    • Packing – Wipes are packed in High Quality clean room standard covers.
    • Smooth and lint free surface – Ensures zero wiping marks.
    • These wipes does not contain binders and additives.
    • Chemical Resistant – Suitable for use with most of the industrial chemicals and solvents.
    • Customizable size – We can customize the product size according to your requirement.

Used In:

    • Pharmaceuticals manufacturing areas and laboratories.
    • Automobile manufacturing.
    • Printer industry (This wipe is very much suitable for printers).
    • General cleaning in manufacturing plants.
    • Food and Beverages Industries.