Waterproofing & Repair Products


Waterproofing for

Seepage/Damp walls, Sealing Surfaces or places where heating of Bitumen is prohibited.

Anti-Corrosive & Multipurpose Bitumous Coating for


Shalikote® T-10 /10A

Features & Benefits

Water Based Cold Applied Clay Type Bitumous Emulsion

*Total Impermeable to water & attacks of industrial fumes, saline atmosphere

*Crack proof during high & low temperature

*Can be applied on wet surfaces

*Brush able Consistency


20 kgs & 200 kgs Drums

Bitumous Anti-Corrosive & Multipurpose Coating

*Anti-Toxic, Odorless & Tasteless

*Crack proof during structural movements

*Acids & Alkalis Resistant

*Brushable/Spray Gun Consistency

*Conforms to IS:9862/1981 & IS 158/1981

1 Ltr, 4 Ltrs, 20 Ltrs & 200 Ltrs Drums

Cold Applied Bituminous Compound With Mineral Fillers

*Cold applied

*Ready to use

*Durable Plasticity

*Conforms to IS: 1580-1991

1kg, 4kgs, 20 kgs & 200 kgs Containers

Rubberized Bituminous Adhesive

*Cold applied Adhesive

*Easy to apply & Brushable Consistency

*Anti- Toxic rubber based bituminous adhesive

*High burning strength

20 Ltrs & 200 Ltrs Drums

Aluminium Protected Self -Adhesive Bituminous Strip

*Easy, Quick & Instant Sealing Solution

*Cold applied & superb self adhesion property

*Withstands climatic changes & long life

Length - 10 Mtrs,

Width - 50 mm & 100 mm

Thickness - 1.5 mm

Waterproofing and Plasticing Admixture

*Reduces moisture absorption as much as 60%

*Reduces vapor transmission by walls and slabs

*Reduces capillary action

*Conforms to IS:2645

Liquid -200ml, 1Ltr, 5 Ltrs, 20 Ltrs & 200 Ltrs

Powder - 1kg & 25 kgs.

Singles Component UV Resistant Elastomeric Exterior Coating

*Exhibits good waterproofing character

*UV Resistant & Eco-Friendly

*Excellent Weather Resistance

*Exhibits good durability & good elongation

*Easy to apply with brush & roller

*Available in all colours range

5 Ltrs & 15 Ltrs

Acrylic Polymer Coating

*Easy to use & UV Stable

*Improve bond strength

*Reduces cracking through increased mortar flexural & tensile strenght

*Offers greater impact resistance

*Reduces permeability

*Non-Flammable & Anti-Toxic

5 Ltrs , 20 Ltrs & 200 Ltrs Containers

Non-Shrink Fast Setting Hydraulic Cementitious Product

*Instant stopping the flow of running water

*Stops water seepage at floor and wall junctions

*Stops running water , reducing damage

*Expands as it sets, for a water tight repair

1 kg & 25 kgs Pack

Bonding Admixture for Adhesion & Repairs of Concrete Structures

*Improves bond strengths to hardened concrete

*Dense, impermeable, mortar for column/beams

*Reduces crack by increased mortar stregth

*Meets ASTM C 1059-86 Type II

5 Ltrs , 20 Ltrs & 200 Ltrs Drums

Crack Sealer

*Flexible material that allows small movement

*Remains flexible in all normal climates

*Durable & Superb Waterproofing Character

1 Kg Pack

Colourless Water Repellent Surface Treatment

*Invisible or transparent

*Breathable Coating

*Minimizes efflorescence

*Reduces cracking and deterioration

*Keeps masonry clean & Anti-Fungal

5 Ltrs & 20 Ltrs

Shalikote® T-10 /10A


    • Internal Surface of Masonry/Steel Water Tanks , Pipes & Drums
    • All Iron & Steel Structures
    • Masonry or Concrete Surfaces for Fixing Glass Panels on Building Elevation.

Waterproofing where Certain Degree of Expansion, Contraction & Vibration is expected


    • Around J Hooks of Asbestos / GI Sheets
    • Caulking for Roofs & Masonry Walls
    • Filling Miinor Cracks & Gaps

Bituminous Adhesive for

CPRX Compound

    • Fixing XPS, Expanded/Extruded Polystyrene (Thermocol)
    • Insulex soft boards & fiberglass
    • Insulation slabs in cold storage
    • Refrigeration pipe work, fixing tiles
 CPRX Compound

Watertight Sealing Strip for

Super Flash Strip®

    • Flashing of Roofs
    • Waterproofing of light Domes
    • Glass Roof & Repair of open Joints
    • Greenhouse & Chimney flashings
    • Emergency Sealing
    • Covering Joints in Roof Gutters
    • Repair of Corrugated Sheet Cracks

Waterproofing & Plasticizing Admixture for

STP No 1

    • Mass concrete foundation walls, floors, water tanks, terrace slabs
    • Used in mortar for setting masonry & blocks
 STP No 1

Unique Water Based Elastomeric Exterior Coating with Quick set Capabilities to Resist Premature Moisture Attack.

ShaliCryl 215

ShaliCryl 215
    • Exterior Wall Coating
    • Used in Slops, Roofs, Domes & Walls

Waterproof & Repair Coating for

ShaliCrete P/R/E

    • Toilets, Swimming Pools, Kitchen, Sewers & Channels
    • Planters & Concrete terraces
    • Aquariums and Terrariums
    • Foundations and Repairing Walls
    • Repair Mortar for Precast Structural Concrete Members, Toppings & Cracks

Fast Setting Cementation Waterproofing & Repair for

Shalimar Dam-It

    • Basement & Manhole repairs
    • Concrete Pipe & Well Repairs
    • Anchoring Bolts & Hand Rail Setting

Adhesion & Repairs for all Concrete Structures

ShaliSBR Latex

    • Toppings , Patches & levelling Courses
    • Thin Sets, Terrazzo & Bonding Slurries
    • Reconstruction/ Repair Work
    • Pessivating Coat on Reinforcement

Waterproofing for


    • Internal & External Masonry Wall Cracks

Colorless Water Repellant Surface Treatment for

Silicone Waterpeller WB

    • All Masonry & Concrete Surfaces
    • Mortar , Stucco & Interior/Exterior Wall
    • Tiles Joint, Cladding & Concrete Panels
    • All Calcareous Building Materials