Lightly Resin Bonded (LRB) Rock wool Mattress

Rock wool Lightly Resin Bonded mattresses are made of fine fibers spun from selected rocks melted at high temperature and bonded with a thermosetting resin. The uniform distribution of fibers, the fine diameter of fiber and flexibility are the unique characteristics of Rock wool Lightly Resin Bonded Mattresses. The properties are controlled to form mattresses of predetermined density and thickness. 'Poly bond' Rock wool Mattress conforms to IS:8183, ASTM C 592 available with or without facings. These mattresses can be faced on one side or both sides to form a firm and flexible multipurpose insulating media. The facings may be Aluminium Foil or Galvanised wire mesh or Stainless Steel wire mesh of different specifications.

Lightly Resin Bonded mattresses provide excellent stability, due to uniform thickness and density, resulting in prevention of heat losses.

Applications : Rockwool LRB Mattresses are recommended for use in the thermal insulation of large vessels, boilers, machinery, equipments, ducts, flanges, valves and plates operationg at high temperatures. These mattresses are exclusively suited for wrapping curved surfaces or for cutting to fit over irregular shapes.

Standard Availability : Rockwool LRB Mattresses are available in densities of 80 to 150 kg/mᶟ in the size of 1640 x 1220mm and thicknesses are available from 25mm to 100mm. Other sizes are available on request.

Specifications : As per IS 8183, ASTM C 592 or equivalent.

Technical Specifications