Lint Free Knitted Gloves

Lint Free Knitted Gloves is made out of microfiber yarn, specially designed for lint free surfaces. It eliminates fingerprints and marks on the surface. These gloves leave very little lint, which is very minimal. Skin friendly, breathable, good grip to hold objects and fits apt to every hand. Minute pores in the gloves, helps hands to stay sweat free. Currently available in 2 different sizes.


    • Material – Microfiber Yarn.
    • Type – knitted
    • Absorption – more than 100% liquid of its own weight.
    • Rate Of Absorbency – less than 1 second.
    • Color – White.
    • Lint free – less than 50 counts of 25 micron above particles (Gelbo test method).
    • Cutting, Stitching – Cloth is cut and stitched in machine.
    • Packing - PE covers in milky white colour.


    • Good Grip – gives a good holding grip.
    • Breathable – The gloves are breathable, Minute pores in the gloves, helps hands to stay sweat free.
    • Stretchable – Fits apt to every hand.
    • Traceability – Every pack is coded for easy traceability.
    • Packing – Wipes are packed in High Quality clean room standard covers.
    • Smooth and lint free surface – Ensures zero wiping marks.
    • These glove does not contain binders and additives.
    • Chemical Resistant – Suitable for use with most of the industrial chemicals and solvents.
    • The gloves are wash and reusable.