Cotton Wiping Cloth

Cotton Wiping cloths are 100% cotton and low linting wipes. Cotton wiping cloth is otherwise popularly called as ‘Bleached hosiery cloth’. Our cloth is specially treated for having good water absorbency and lesser lints on the surface. Cutting shall be done as per customer required sizes. This cloth can be used for lighter industrial cleaning. These cloths give a soft feel while wiping. Banian Cloths are very cost effective. They can be used for all round cleaning in any plant. They are great for cleaning hands, absorbing liquids, solvents, inks, chemicals etc.

Product Code




100% Cotton



• Material - 100% Cotton construction

• Type – Woven

• Absorption – Very good absorption, more than 100% liquid of its own weight.

• Rate Of Absorbency – Less than 2 seconds

• Color- Pure milky white

• Lints - Lesser Lints on surface

• Cutting - Scissor cut sealed edges


• Extra Smooth surface – very much suitable for soft cleaning areas.

• High absorbency - Our cloth is specially treated for having good water absorbency.

• Good dirt holding – Picks up dirt easily.

• Chemical Resistant – Suitable for use with most of the industrial chemicals and solvents.

• Customizable size –We can customize our product size according to your requirement.

• The cloth does not contain binders or additives.

• It is Wash and reusable.