Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass mesh is woven by fiberglass yarn and then coated by alkaline resistant latex. It has alkaline resistance, high strength, etc. It is an ideal engineering material in construction. It is mainly used to reinforce cement, stone, wall materials, roofing and so on. Plastering fiber glass mesh is used for reinforcement surfaces during plastering, installation leveling floors, waterproofing, restoration of cracked plaster in order to prevent cracking or fraying of the plaster.

Fiberglass mesh is cheap material that does not burn and is characterized by both low weight and high strength. These properties allow it to be successfully used in the formation of plaster facades, as well as use on internal wall and ceiling surfaces.

This material is widely used for fastening the surface layer at the corners of the room. Most widely used standard fiberglass plaster mesh is the density of 145g/m2 for interior and exterior cladding and facade work. Resistant to alkalis, does not decompose and will not rust over time, it does not emit toxic and harmful substances, has a high resistance to tearing and stretching, protects the surface from cracking and improves its mechanical strength.

Easy to handle and use.

Size: 1m x 50m Roll