Lint Free Polyester Gloves

Lint free gloves are made out of 100% polyester lint free cloths. These gloves are totally lint free and easy to handle. These Lint free gloves are of good use for dust free zones and all intricate tasks to be done with hand. Customised specific lint free cloth types based on request is available for making gloves. 2 colours are available in this lint free gloves, white and blue.


    • Material – 100% polyester fibre.
    • Type – knitted
    • Absorption – more than 200% liquid of its own weight.
    • Rate Of Absorbency – less than 1 second.
    • Color – White and Blue.
    • Lint free – less than 30 counts of 25 micron above particles (Gelbo test method).
    • Cutting, Stitching – Cloth is laser cut with sealed edges and stitched in machine with lint free thread. Hence the glove does not leave lint or loose threads.


    • Comfortable Fit – It is much suitable for a day long work.
    • Smooth and lint free surface – Ensures zero wiping marks.
    • These gloves does not contain binders and additives.
    • Chemical Resistant – Suitable for use with most of the industrial chemicals and solvents.
    • The gloves are wash and reusable.