Tar Felt


TarFelt® is manufactured as per IS1322:1993, Type 3 Grade. TarFelt® is produced by saturating a centre core of hessian with straight grade bitumen and coated with specially formulated bituminous compound on both sides. Thereafter, Mica / sand is spreaded over bituminous surface to prevent the sticking between two layers of felt during rolling and storage



TarFelts are recommended respectively for above and below ground waterproofing applications as per IS code of practice IS: 1346/76 and IS: 1609/76 respectively. They are suitable for application on various types of surfaces such as concrete, corrugated asbestos / GI sheet, timber, shell / folded plates, etc. TarFelt is a proven waterproofing materials for application on silos, grain godowns, warehouses, wagons, trams, buses, etc.


• Rot proof.

• Proven waterproofing first generation membrane and offers impermeability to water.

• Easy to apply, repair and maintain.

• Dimensional stability with adequate flexibility to adopt all types of contours.


Available in 1 M x 20 M roll.


Keep under shed away from heat. Do not stack more than three rolls in one column.

Tar Felt