Loose Mineral Wool

Loose Mineral Wool is a collection of fine fibers drawn from molten selected basalt rocks. The Loose Mineral Wool is an ideal material for most insulation applications because of its favourable handling and application characteristics. It is fire proof, dirt proof and moisture resistant. Chemically it neither reacts nor accelerates corrosion. It is durable, odourless, easy to handle and store.

The Loose Mineral Wool possesses low thermal conductivity on account of enormous minute air cells created by the fine fibre and can be used in a wide range of temperatures of -50°C to 750°C. Loose Mineral Wool is of oil free and has prudent low thermal conductivity properties.

Loose Mineral Wool are used for general purpose insulation, expansion relief packing, cavities of brickwork in furnaces, ovens and many other industrial equipments. It is also used in the cavity packing in refrigerated cargoes, oxygen plants, valve boxes, automobile silencers, cold storages, turbine roof insulation, brake liners and ships. It is mostly suitable for application where preformed insulation material is difficult to apply.

*Available in Standard Packing of 40 kg Bag only


  • Turbine Roof Insulation
  • Oxygen Plants
  • Cold Storage
  • Brake Shoes
  • Ships
  • Residential and Commercial Buildings.